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Location in Podgorica

We are looking for quality construction sites in Podgorica

We are interested in buying interesting locations for construction.

They need to meet the following conditions:

The location must be urbanized, with the purpose of "collective housing", "central activities", "mixed use", "warehouses and production".

The size of the building planned for construction on the site must be at least 2000m2.

The location should be in one of the main city zones or if it is a location with the purpose of business, it must be along one of the main roads (bypass).

When submitting the bid, the following information must be submitted:

Exact position from googlemaps or geoportals

Proprietary certificate (can also be obtained from the Internet)

UT conditions or a copy of the Dup for the parcels in question

You can submit the mentioned documentation by e-mail to or you can call tel: +382 067 134 134.